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taxes, do they believe that the democrats will just cave with no compromise? >> alex, you may know i was one of the few republicans who was saying that we a bit more revenue, but also through tax reform. i made that case all the way up to the fall. and when begot up to the fiscal cliff, i was hoping that the agreement would incorporate spending reductions as well. it was $73 billion of increased taxes. so i voted no for it. i'm really asking me democratic colleagues to help us address spending, our budget goes up by about 3.45%. both of them go up, it's just that the democrats are going up really far higher. >> but representative ridgeal, are there others who are like minded like you in the party? how many? >> but there are some, but i do want to make the point who are that it truly is spending that's driving this train and i was very disappointed in our president when after the election, he put it this way, he said we need to begin to take a look at how we reform titlements. this was after he had been in the office for four years and i had an opportunity to speak with the president
cannot continue to wait for washington, d.c. to lead, whether it is in the areas of health care, taxes or spending, you name it washington, d.c.'s proven it's either incapable or unwilling to make the necessary changes that are required for us to have reform. if there's going to be reform, it's going to happen in the halls of state governments around the country. >> how about any reform needed within the republican party? we heard sarah palin say that she didn't think that the branding of the party needed to be tackled that there were other issues. what do you think? >> i think we need to gout and we got to tell our message, think we got to have a right message and we need the right message and i think what cpac is all about is coming together with conservatives all across the state and making sure we are united. what i have heard throughout the thing, the halls of the gathering is we are and i think we are ready to go in the next election cycle. >> so, here's something interesting, the organize of cpac, al dar dean nas, here is what he said about how republicans can broaden their appe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2